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Winter Blend 2023

A symphony of barrel aged beers crafted for wintertime sipping.

Each year our brewing team thoughtfully selects a careful blend of barrel aged beers from our wood cellar and melds them together to create a balanced and intriguing strong ale.

The Winter 2023 Blend consists of:

Imperial stout aged 6 years in Woodford bourbon barrels – 16%

Imperial stout aged 4 years in Maker’s Mark barrels – 12%

Blond barleywine aged 4  years 6 months in Woodford bourbon barrels – 16%

Blond barleywine aged 4 years 6 months in vanilla bourbon barrels – 16%

English barleywine aged 4 years in amarone casks – 19%

English barleywine aged 4 years in PX sherry casks – 9%

English barleywine aged 4 years in armangnac casks – 9%

Imperial stout aged 5 years in Islay scotch barrels – 3%