August 12th, 2011

August Update – New beers and more

We’re excited to announce that we have not just one, but two new beers hitting the taps around town very soon! The first, the American Bitter, is the inaugural beer fermented in our new 15 bbl tank. If you’ve been to the brewery before, you might know that we normally brew 30 bbls per batch – equal to (60) 15.5 gallon kegs or 1653 six-packs of beer, which equals….a lot of beer! This 15 bbl tank lets us brew some smaller batches of different, experimental beers without taking up space in our larger tanks. These beers are limited release one-offs and may never be brewed again, so be sure to get your hands (or mouths) on them quickly! The American Bitter is an Americanized (i.e. hopped up) version of a traditional English bitter. Bitters are low alcohol (3 to 4.5% abv) pale ales that are often dry hopped and served on cask. Our take on the style is suitably sessionable at a modest 4% abv, but we wanted to turn it up a notch in the hop department – so instead of using the mellower English hop varieties we blasted it with a blend of Centennial and Chinook in the kettle, followed by a hefty dry hop with more Centennial. Since cask ale hasn’t gone mainstream in South Carolina yet, this beer is kegged and fully carbonated (which actually helps the hop aroma jump out of the glass better). The result? A great beer to get your hop fix with and still be able to drive home!

Our other new beer, the SaisonAle, is our August/September seasonal. French for “season,” Saisons were traditionally brewed in Belgian farmhouses in autumn to be consumed in the late summer during the harvest. Our version of this classic Belgian ale is pale gold, with an intense fruity and peppery aroma from the Saison yeast strain. It’s light bodied and crisp on the palate with a very dry finish that makes this the perfect beer for hot weather!

In other news, we’re going to start canning the White Thai and IPA in about 4 weeks! Why cans instead of bottles? Cans are a better package for beer since they don’t let in any light – even brown glass bottles allow some light through which can result in skunky beer. Cans are also much lighter and won’t shatter like glass bottles will, so they’re portable and safe for the beach, boat, pool, etc. Follow us on Facebook for photos and updates on our canning progress! We’re also working on bottling some of our upcoming seasonals and barrel-aged beers in 750ml and 22oz bottles. As far as new beers for the fall/winter, yes, we have been listening to your requests for some darker & stronger stuff….


Edward & Morgan

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